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About The Law Office of Shay Story

    Shay Story was born in raised right here in the beautiful Puget Sound. Growing up with separated parents she benefited from two wonderful families, two sets of siblings, and is no stranger to what blending families and co-parenting entails. Shay also is remarried, with both her and her husband bringing one child from their previous realtionship to their marriage. Together they work to build on their relationship while sharing the joys of their children, and each handling co-parenting separately with their own previous spouses, and together inside their home. Such dynamics are complex and ever changing! Let her experience help you foresee the realties that such relationships bring to your daily lives. There is extreme reward in blending a family if your willing to put in the work, and by planning for what is to come your chances of success increase tenfold. Shay and her family enjoy camping, boating, playing sports, and many other activities. Spending time as a family is paramount, and as she understands it you must share this belief with her if you are searching for an attorney. This is exactly why you need help preserving for your self what time and rights you can. 

    Shay graduated from Seattle University School of Law with her J.D., and received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Washington. Before graduating law school she held several other careers in restaurant management, real estate, and property management, before returning to her passion of wanting to help people in the domestic relations arena. Shay likes working one-on-one with people, and is compassionate in all that she does. This is part of the reason she chose to open her own solo practice, as she wants to work directly with her clients, one-on-one, and continue to be completely invested in every event, document, filing, and court appearance. She wants to advocate wholeheartedly for your cause, and does not want to work for a firm where the client is just another number, shuffled between attorneys, with no real investment in the realities of these events for their client. Shay wants to build a personal relationship with her clients, the kind of relationship where she stays with you as support throughout the life of your family, as the family dynamic is fluid and everchanging.